HaxArena Architecture

We’ve had a number of questions about how HaxArena is being made, so it’s high time I wrote about it. HaxArena’s front-end is being built in HTML5 and Javascript, using AngularJS as an MVVM framework. The actual game board is being built in Phaser, because of its simplicity and tight integration with physics engines. The back-end […]

Is HaxArena a myth?

I’ve been spending some time playing HaxBall as “”, and started to get a lot of questions. I’m sensing a fair amount of disdain: players either think HaxArena is an elaborate hoax, or are otherwise simply not convinced the game will be built in their lifetimes. We hear your concerns and we owe you an […]

HaxArena lives!

It’s a brand new year, and it’s a brand new day for HaxBallers. HaxBall is a simple, beautiful game, but it has not significantly evolved since its inception. We at HaxArena are planning to redefine the HaxBall experience over the coming year, and we would love to have you (yes, you!) on board to help […]