The team expands

Five months have gone by since I took over development of HaxArena. I managed to bring it to a state where it could be used and enjoyed by some people. I have been adding a feature here and a feature there, but progress has been pretty slow. The project has reached a point where the […]

Alpha 8

Greetings, Arena gladiators! I am pleased to announce Alpha 8 of HaxArena, which comes with some features to match up with HaxBall, and some additional goodies to make it stand out! Access code is removed The first announcement is that the access code to make an account on the site has been removed. All players […]

Back to the Features

Well, a positive effect of  setting aside the whole simulation question is that I’ve gotten back to building features into the game again. Here are the latest since the last update: Fixed problems with navigating the page and refreshing The camera now doesn’t lose the player, and guides are added for objects not currently on […]

The KISS rule, in practice

I’ve gotten rid of the whole client-side prediction thing. There was a fundamental oversight in my strategy. My goal was two-fold: 1) make it so that when you press a move key, you moved immediately (responsive), and 2) make it not look stupid. The strategy was like this. Every time an update from the server […]

Weeks later …

As I emerge from my darkened lab, blinking and squinting up at the intense ball of light I’m told is a “sun”, I’m proud to announce my latest build, which has been a long time coming. I’ve spent the last few weeks re-architecting the game. I was finding it just too difficult to make fixes […]

Weekly update: features!

A new build is up with some sorely needed features. Among them: Server list and room list are now on the same page Added tabs to the game page for more space Added basic admin functionality. The first player in the room is an admin, and if he/she leaves, the next person in line becomes […]

Grand opening: the day after

Picking up the plastic plates, confetti, and champagne glasses off the floor gave me some time to reflect on our launch yesterday. What happened to the site? Some of you may have noticed that the site went down for about 20 minutes yesterday, a few hours after the launch. I myself noticed that the site […]


I’ve been floating a lot of ideas on this blog and generating a lot of good discussion, and quite a few of you find yourselves wondering: “So … when can I try it?” TL;DR: On Friday, you can try it. I must emphasize that we’re still at an extremely early stage of development, and the […]


Once upon a time, there lived a handsome programmer who worked in a large box. His work was uninspiring, and he sought enlightenment in other pursuits, such as participating in AI contests. One such contest involved creating a program that could coordinate circular players in an effort towards directing a circular ball towards a goal, […]

The kick

The kick is central to the HaxBall experience. In building HaxArena, some complex problems arise from this apparently simple mechanic. In this post, I will attempt to contrast HaxBall and HaxArena with respect to the kick. As always, all questions and comments are welcome. The range HaxArena players and ball are modelled as circles. Detecting […]