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Date: May 2, 2016 Posted by: Chris St. John In: Uncategorized

Five months have gone by since I took over development of HaxArena. I managed to bring it to a state where it could be used and enjoyed by some people. I have been adding a feature here and a feature there, but progress has been pretty slow. The project has reached a point where the kinds of things I want to do require more knowledge than I already have. A couple of people have reached out to Aaron and me volunteering their expertise and time, so we thought it was about time to see what they could do.


The right honorable Sir Pereira joins us from Portugal as a much needed web application architect type, with deep expertise in Angular and other web technologies. He and I are currently investigating a move to Angular 2, something I’m very excited about since it will bring about the ability for us to try out different arrangements of the website in a fraction of the time it would take with the current setup. Be on the lookout for new website experiences in the weeks and months to come.

Pereira is also extremely well-connected with the portuguese HaxBall community so we hope to see lots of interest from his involvement. Welcome!


Another developer who reached out to us more recently is and_re, who joins us from Poland (and goes by N1 in-game). and_re impressed us with a range of demo games he has built using Phaser, and he has demonstrated an in-depth appreciation for the problems that face game network programmers. In one short week after we were introduced, and_re produced a working prototype of a multiplayer game using Phaser and that I was extremely pleased with — it didn’t seem to suffer from the lag and jitter issues that plague me to no end. He and I will be working together to integrate his ideas into the HaxArena codebase in the weeks to come. I also hope to test the limits of his Phaser knowledge because mine is light indeed. Welcome and_re!


We are also still courting a couple of other developers who have expressed an interest in the project. I’m afraid of taking on too many people at once, since my ability to keep up with everyone will deteriorate the more there are. I imagine at this stage we will content ourselves with at most one more developer, and see how that goes.

Closing remarks

This week marks a turning point in HaxArena’s development: from one man’s aimless lurching to multiple people with pre-existing expertise coming together to build something great. I’m pretty happy with what I was able to build on my own; I can’t wait to see what we can build together.

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  • Felipe says:

    you gave up the game?

  • Bandi says:

    What language is haxarena written in? HTML5?

  • Vakoj says:

    i hope youre working still 🙁

  • davirrss says:

    como joga esse jogo

  • tirey93 says:

    We welcome new crew! Good luck 😀

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  • Aoimine aka hjgguy says:

    It would be nice to have a better overview over big maps (zooming out camera like smash bros?)like space bounce and 6,8,10 man bounce then you could actually See the goalposts that you want to bounce against. I am the creator of the (6) man bounce with curvewalls maps in but i havent uploaded the fixed versions oft Thema yet since i want to keep improving them. GL with this project guys

  • maod says:

    Good to hear!

  • PanaAHA says:

    Muy bueno!
    Espero que puedan lograr lo que tanto se espera, cualquier cosa que necesiten no duden en consultarme, no tengo ningún problema en aportar. Ya estamos en contacto por Facebook con algunos. Por las dudas lo dejo de nuevo:

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