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Date: March 12, 2016 Posted by: Chris St. John In: Uncategorized

Well, a positive effect of  setting aside the whole simulation question is that I’ve gotten back to building features into the game again. Here are the latest since the last update:

  • Fixed problems with navigating the page and refreshing
  • The camera now doesn’t lose the player, and guides are added for objects not currently on the screen (including the goals!)
  • Added extra balls for a pre-game warmup
  • Rooms are now named (instead of the weird generated ID)
  • Players can now spectate (they remain on the field as ghosts)
  • Admins can now appoint other admins
  • Indicator that a player is typing

And what I’m working on now:

  • Bots!
  • Instant replay
  • Pause/resume

Please drop by and give the latest build a try. Let me know in particular if the jitter experience has improved! See you in the arena!

7 thoughts on “Back to the Features

  • Hola Carlos!!!Somos tus primos hermanos de tercera generación que sólo nos vemos en la bbc ( o sea, bautizos, bodas y comuniones, ja,ja,ja..) pero que sepas que estamos mu orgullosos que un gallurano, maño y oregonés esté tan tiesico allá en el polo sur.Justa recompensa a un trabajo y esfuerzo de muchos años.Mucho ánimo que la empresa tiene pinta de dura, pero seguro que tu puedes con eso y más!!!!!Entalto Gallur y entalto Aragón!!!Besos y abrazos majo

  • Czerniak says:

    i really want a mute botton, and i play haxball in low graphics because i dont like the circles, i dont know how to say in english but like homophobic, i have circlephobic, please make the low graphics. good work my friends, salu2

  • Vakoj says:

    Keep up the good work, and as you guys said before, I advise you to work on the physics, before any attachments to the game. By making those bots (which are smarter than i thought they would be) you already made a good step, but the game will be nothing with jitter and physics, also i advise you to get rid of the wallbouunce sound, its unnessecary. Thanks!

    -Vakoj, a HaxBall player since 2013

  • PRO says:

    firefox 10
    only site screen
    game not lounch

    • Hi PRO,
      I’m not very familiar with Firefox’s versions, but it’s possible that if it’s old, it won’t support the html5 canvas object. Could you try heading over to here and see if you are able to load the examples? If those don’t work, I’m afraid you will have to upgrade your browser.

      If it’s possible, could you send me any Javascript errors you find in your Javascript console?

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