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Date: February 23, 2016 Posted by: Chris St. John In: Uncategorized

As I emerge from my darkened lab, blinking and squinting up at the intense ball of light I’m told is a “sun”, I’m proud to announce my latest build, which has been a long time coming.

I’ve spent the last few weeks re-architecting the game. I was finding it just too difficult to make fixes with the code the way it was, so we decided I should invest some time in cleaning that up. The good news is that the newly polished codebase has made it easy to make further changes, so you should expect to see some good progress in the coming weeks.

The biggest result of the last few weeks’ work is that the exact same (smaller) engine code is now running on the server and client side, meaning that the client can replay buffered player inputs I describe in an earlier blog post. This makes the experience smooth for the player even at intermediate ping ranges (100-200 ms). I encourage you to try it out and let us know if the experience has improved.

Other incidental fixes include:

  • Goal line trigger fixed
  • Kickoff experience improved (smoother circle, no player bouncing on the circle)
  • New player sprites (dynamically coloured)

Some items we’ll be working on over the next few weeks:

  • Extending the goal celebration (e.g. celebrating the player who scored)
  • Camera work (losing the current player, adding guides for off-camera objects)
  • Extending the pre-game warmup phase (extra balls?)
  • Solidifying the experience when moving between rooms and servers
  • Styling work on the server screen and game screen

As always, your comments are most welcome!

40 thoughts on “Weeks later …

  • MC says:

    Hi, i’m from Poland. I test game today (using chrome) at couple of servers. The smallest problems with jitter i have in Newark (120-150 ping) server but it was still unplayable. In servers like Frankfurt or Singapore it was totally unplayable (ping around even 2k) and the ball was invisible, even if i rejoin.

    • Forever says:

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  • PRO says:

    same configuration
    server Newark gives ping 135-143 stab
    frankfurt not far like newark

  • PRO says:

    hi again
    firefox 10.0.1 not run game
    video in last opera
    same configuration
    country ukraine, city lvov
    next video make on vaio notebook after
    other ua and rus players have da same problems
    haxarena video 2

  • gg says:

    Good job so far guys. When do want to make it real public?, meaning no code for registration needed and make play.haxrena.com noticeable on the site.


    • Blair, I may need to hire you to take notes sometime; you don't miss a thing! I really appreciate this report. It is a perspective about plural marriage that has been lacking for me.

    • worst mpg says:

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  • pac says:

    Having same jitter that before. Playing I can deduce that a cause is netcode, where I suppose still didnt work in it deeply.

    I leave you here a good tutorial-example about multiplayer games:


    From my point of view this is the most difficult part of your project, and the success of the game will be linked to that. Good luck.

    • Aaron Smith says:

      We’ve made a few updates. Could you test again and let us know if anything is different for you? Thanks!

      • pac says:

        Much better, now I can say that it’s playable with <=100 ping. I can't wait to have a server nearer to Spain and play it at <20-25 ping, the smoothness level would be really close to the original haxball I suppose. Nice work!

  • PRO says:

    MANY BUGS attach video
    computer proc 2800
    nvidia 256mb
    win xp3
    browser opera
    frankfurt ping 30-40

  • Mr(D) says:

    1. Things got better with the jitter, but it seems that the problem still exists. And almost all the time jitter things appear when I kick the ball, touch it or just ball bounces to the walls and something like that. Ping seems to be good as it was before. About +-30ms.
    2. Before fixes, we’ve been able to bounce with the ball from the wall with a single kick. It worked like this: move the players sphere toward to the ball, push it to the wall, then release direction button and at the same time press x.
    Now as I see, priciple is almost the same, but now all the bounces are a lot weaker. Another point, when pushing the ball to wall for example to the corner (not releasing direction buttons), kicks don’t work. It’s a bit for my opinion it’s a bit annoying.
    3. All the walls are still too sensitive. Hard to control the ball when trying to play close to the walls. Sometimes it seems that the ball just bounces off the wall just with slightly touches.

    That’s all from me this time.

    • Aaron Smith says:

      We’ve made a couple updates. Could you test the jitter again and see if it’s any different for you? Thanks!

      • Jimbo says:

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  • maod says:

    Same problems with jitter; doesn’t seem to be different at all from the last build.

    It is only my own movement that is jittery, though. Everyone else appears to move smoothly.

  • David says:

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for you to finish this game!

  • max says:

    i cant play
    too manyyyy laaags
    game not run in firefox 10
    please fix it

    • Aaron Smith says:

      What server did you try? What was the lowest ping server you saw? The game should work fine in Firefox but we are working on a couple bugs in the new build that should be fixed soon.

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