Weekly update: features!

Date: January 30, 2016 Posted by: Chris St. John In: Uncategorized

A new build is up with some sorely needed features. Among them:

  • Server list and room list are now on the same page
  • Added tabs to the game page for more space
  • Added basic admin functionality. The first player in the room is an admin, and if he/she leaves, the next person in line becomes an admin.
  • Added game controls on Room tab (time limits; goal limits; locking teams)
  • Added list of players in the room on Players tab. A player can switch teams by toggling his own switch (if the teams are not locked). An admin can set the team of any player by toggling his switch.
  • Game now waits for an admin to start the game (Room tab).
  • Chat messages limited to 10 (instead of infinite scroll)
  • Keyboard glitch causing player to be stuck after interacting with chat, fixed.
  • Ball no longer sticks to walls

Come on out and take a look. Please let me know if I’ve left any bugs in there, or what you like/dislike about the new layout!

32 thoughts on “Weekly update: features!

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