Weekly update: features!

Date: January 30, 2016 Posted by: Chris St. John In: Uncategorized

A new build is up with some sorely needed features. Among them:

  • Server list and room list are now on the same page
  • Added tabs to the game page for more space
  • Added basic admin functionality. The first player in the room is an admin, and if he/she leaves, the next person in line becomes an admin.
  • Added game controls on Room tab (time limits; goal limits; locking teams)
  • Added list of players in the room on Players tab. A player can switch teams by toggling his own switch (if the teams are not locked). An admin can set the team of any player by toggling his switch.
  • Game now waits for an admin to start the game (Room tab).
  • Chat messages limited to 10 (instead of infinite scroll)
  • Keyboard glitch causing player to be stuck after interacting with chat, fixed.
  • Ball no longer sticks to walls

Come on out and take a look. Please let me know if I’ve left any bugs in there, or what you like/dislike about the new layout!

32 thoughts on “Weekly update: features!

  • http://www./ says:

    Yikes!!! Anna Mae and Fuzzy re doing great! The are both out all the time. She is still very scared and hides under furniture, but he is very socialable! They are eating and drinking like champs! At least that deed is not a punishment!

  • tito76 says:

    That’s a good example of why an extra no-kick game mode should be fun:
    (here the angle of collisions all depends by shadows)

  • CopyRight says:

    HI admin you can fix the ping problem im play from greece and always i have 300- 400 ping on the frankfurt server

    • Aaron Smith says:

      What speed is your Internet connection? Most likely the issue is something locally for you but it’s possible it’s something in the network between you and our server. We will, in the near future, be adding more servers in Europe that may be better for you but if you have a slow (dial-up, etc) connection or a problem with your computer, we won’t be able to solve that issue for you.
      We’d like to get more information from you. Please send an email to aaron@haxarena.com

  • Falafel says:

    Hello, does anybody know when we’ll able to play haxarena? I read that there was a grand opening a few days ago, I’d be very happy if I could test it 😀

  • maod says:

    Still terribly jittery.

    • Aaron Smith says:

      We haven’t really done anything to improve jitter since the last update. We are spending the next couple weeks working entirely on reducing the jitter.

    • Florence says:

      Flott av deg å fortelle Kirstis historie. Jeg har faktisk lurt litt på bildet ditt, synes det er så fint.Flotte flotte bilder K laget. Veldig speelsile.Ha en god helg,Emma

  • Peter says:

    Wow, I thought haxarena was a myth!
    Anyway, could I please get the access code. I am really interested and I want to try out the game.

    • Peter says:

      Oh, and also the chat messages should be limited to a larger number (At least that is what I think). Why? For example, if a person would type something important into the chat, or something you want to copy and paste, when someone has started spamming, you would have a problem finding it. I also would like to know if the rooms stay until there are no players inside? If yes, then that is a cool thing!

      • Aaron Smith says:

        We will be doing plenty of work on the chat function so will take that in mind. As far as rooms, one of the biggest benefits of running rooms on servers instead of having players host rooms is that it allows us to have rooms stay opened for as long as there are players in the room. In Haxball, when the admin leaves the room the room dies. In Haxarena, when the admin leaves the room the room assigns a new admin and the room stays open.

  • Cz says:

    Please add keyboard config, my x not work well
    Sorry bad english, salu2

    • Hi, you can also use SHIFT, CONTROL, SPACEBAR, or NUMPAD-0.

      • Cz says:

        all of that works bad, i want to play with F, salu2

        • Kayo says:

          Superior thinking deeotstranmd above. Thanks!

        • http://www./ says:

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        • dit :Moi je voudrais juste savoir pourquoi ta collègue se trimballe avec ça dans son panier????Est ce que comme Sonia elle a aussi un sèche cheveux dans son sac???? C’est Mac Gyver c’est ça?

  • tirey93 says:

    Nice! I see you still work hard.
    You should change the background to monothematic cause the one which is set now looks very unprofessional. The mono color looks gentle and Smart
    Thanks for your job!

  • pac says:

    If you can not reach to the haxball smoothness I advise
    you to focus especially in add support natively for others maps like Real Soccer, otherwise it is doomed to failure.

  • bon says:

    Sadly, still no fix for the constant stuttering and the clunky gameplay that makes the game pretty unplayable.

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