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I’ve been floating a lot of ideas on this blog and generating a lot of good discussion, and quite a few of you find yourselves wondering:

“So … when can I try it?”

TL;DR: On Friday, you can try it.

I must emphasize that we’re still at an extremely early stage of development, and the game as you see it is going to be very rough around the edges (for example, there are already 11 bugs that I know of). If you’re hoping to see a finished, polished game, we kindly ask you to wait for the beta stage.

Where we are

Currently, players are able to do the following things:

  • Create an account and log in, with a password
  • Connect to one of our 3 servers, and create a new room, or join an existing room
  • Play as red or blue in a room that is fixed at 3 goals, 3 minutes limits
  • Chat in-game.

What we’re doing

We’re currently looking for other servers to serve different parts of the world. We are aiming to get a minimum playing experience to as many people as possible!

I’m quite happy with the architecture of the game to this stage, but the #1 piece of feedback we’ve received during our limited alpha testing is improving the jitter characteristics. I’ll be spending this week working on that. Once I see some improvements there, we’ll unlock the doors and let you in to take a look! Our current target date for this is Friday, January 22.


After we open the gates, I’ll be keeping an eye on the servers. If they start going down, I’ll build a cap into them so that they will only accept a certain number of connections at one time. I don’t know what a suitable number of connections is, but I’ll find out by trial and error.

Short term plan

After the reveal, I will be working on adding missing features:

  • In-room player list
  • Room admins (kicking/banning, locking/assigning teams, configuring limits, starting game)
  • Sounds for player joined/left, chats
  • Viewport edge guides for off-screen ball/players/goals
  • Bug fixes


We are very excited to get this game in front of you, and look forward to your comments!

77 thoughts on “Announcement

  • Max says:

    Good stuff looking forward to this.

  • CADE O HAX ARENA??????????????????????????

  • myfilele says:

    Where can I find my access code :(?

  • ADM_Brazil says:

    I am a championships organizer in haxball the Brazilian community, and we all realize when they open the is the amount of Brazil’s largest rooms than other countries. We would like that very haxarena bring news to our country as a country of football and greater number of members. I wonder if will have Brazilian server or any Brazilian can play without any problems with other South American or the rest of the world. I’m expecting information on the Brazilian situation to inform our community, thank you.

  • NIEZNANY says:

    hello, I can not log in

  • Pana says:

    Como administrador de la Liga de Argentina me complace poder probar lo nuevo del haxball e instalarlo en

  • Midolina says:

    Hi, today friday, game on?

  • Juan says:

    Hola Soy de la comunidad de haxball argentina.Esperamos una mejora de haxball somos una comunidad que juega ligas y todo pero jugamos en la Cancha Real Soccer V4 sabes si se va a poder poner canchas

  • Pedrinho Jr says:

    cuando se abre para jugar

  • PadreOlavilus says:

    Hi! I’m a player from Brazil, and I’ve been playing haxball since 2011 =D

    I’m sure you guys already know that Haxball is very popular in my country, but I’m not pretty sure if you ever heard about a map called “Futsal”, which in english means “Indoor Soccer”. This is an extremely competitive and funny 3×3 map with a small ball, simulating the awesomeness and speed of indoor soccer! To be honest, this is the only map I’ve been playing on the last 2 years, and I just can’t go back to classic or big! However, I think it’s not very famous overseas, you can’t even find it on haxmaps (only a few knockoffs). Thanks to this, most brazilian players stored it by the time, and I know at least 4 leagues and championships with several teams playing it.

    So, finally, I was thinking of the possibility of including this map on HaxArena as a native map. I’m sure hundreds of brazilians will love it!

    Thanks, and keep up with this aamazing work! =D

    • Aaron Smith says:

      We are planning to have a lot of Brazilian players in HaxArena also and we have a Brazil server ready to go! I haven’t played the Futsal map but we will eventually support all Haxball maps so it should work in HaxArena as well. I do like the idea of expanding the native maps so that everyone has more to chose from without downloading maps from another website.

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