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Date: January 1, 2016 Posted by: Aaron Smith In: Uncategorized

The HaxArena blog lives!

Thank you to everyone who has shown such great interest in the HaxArena project.  We have had tremendous response.  Due to this overwhelming response we have decided to start this blog to allow everyone to follow the project more closely and give your own feedback.  We value the Hax community and this project would not be possible without your support!

Please feel free to leave comments on our blog posts.

Thanks and see you on the field!

~Aaron (IamShado) and the HaxArena Team


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  • Muchas gracias a todos! Si tenéis cualquier duda, estaré
    encantada de ayudaros.

  • Uygar Yalcin says:

    Hello I can be a beta tester. I’m from Turkey and I play Haxball since 3 years but I’m bored because Haxball is unsatisfactory and very elementary. I want some things. When player joining room or create room the room was auto recording. New trick system (Like Ronaldinho) Holding button system and different choice; short pass, long pass and shoot (Different buttons). Stamina; move, run and modified run (Different buttons). When player slow down and relax the stamina was refill (Not full) but when player run while stamina less player’s speed is very slow and refill in long time and if player always run player was injured. Champions League Stadium and ball. Haxarena’s special maps. The most important is Real Soccer map. Game intelligence decide which team use throw in and corner or goal kick. It is very important. Extra time and penalty shootout. Foul and Card system; Yellow Card and Red Card. Offside system. Goalkeeper system; one player was goalkeeper and dress keeper sweater and if goalkeeper touch ball out of penalty area it’s foul and it necessary red card. Weather conditions affect game and room admin choose weather. Night match. Team cheat. Player rankings in match and in room. We have create our banned list via nicknames (Every nicknames have IP adress and ban in IP adress). All nicknames must have password. We create account only 2 times. I’m professional Haxball player and most of professional Haxball players need this innovation because these things are add realism in Haxarena.

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